Singles Tennis at St Ann's

Tie Break Tens

Tie Break Tens: Wed 1 Sept

The TBTs will be held on Wednesdays in September/October. This is a fun, social event for players who want to play singles tennis. The minimum standard is intermediate. No games, no sets: just first-to-10 point ‘championship’ tie breakers. Play one tie breaker, win/lose, move on to the next tie breaker. We’ll play as many as we can in 2hrs (6-7 approximately).

All matches will be played on courts 1, 2, 3 & 4 only at St Ann’s Tennis. Scoring: players submit their scores to the tournament organiser. Tie breaks scored on a ‘first to 10′ basis,  (so ’10-9’), not by two points as on ATP/WTA.

Information will be shared on the St Ann’s Singles WhatsApp group:

Round 2:

Wed 29 Sept 5-7pm
Phil B
Andy G
Rob B
[Top finisher offered place in final TBTs the following week]

Wed 6 October 5-7pm
Andrew W
Rob H

Please contact Conrad in advance if you cannot make a session.

ACTION: All players must register in advance. Please click on the link below to register online. First come, first served. Cap 36. We’ll aim to put out the group draws this Sunday. Registration