Membership. The membership categories are:
Adult Full Member £120
Student £80 (proof of status required)
Junior £35 (under 18s: proof of status required)
Pay & Play tennis: £9.60 per hour. 
No membership required.
Non-members playing with a member must pay £3 per hour court fee.

St Ann’s Tennis may withdraw the membership of any member who contravenes the rules of St Ann’s Tennis.

1. Use of Courts
There is no free play. Courts must be booked and paid for before use.
Bookings for courts are made online only.
The courts are available to play during the hours of daylight.
Courts may be used for tennis only, and no other sport, activity or pastime, including playing of music.
St Ann’s Tennis does not offer refunds for court cancellations within 24hrs of the start of the court booking.
St Ann’s Tennis does not offer refunds for rain or wind cancellations.

2. Court Booking
A member may not book a court on behalf of a second or third party, including family and friends. Court bookings are not transferable. A member’s booking must be for their own use for the duration of the court booking.
There is a maximum of four players per court per hour. No spectators on court.
Members and visitors must use the specific court they have booked.
Members and visitors are encouraged not to open the gates for players who have not booked a court.
Members must either make use of their court reservations or cancel their bookings promptly. If a booking is for two hours, but only one hour is used, please cancel the second hour.
In the event of ‘no shows’, members will receive an email from St Ann’s Tennis in the first instance requesting an explanation. Multiple offenders risk losing their membership.
Members may not organise multiple court events without prior approval of St Ann’s Tennis. All organised tennis activity is at the discretion of St Ann’s Tennis.

3. Coaching
Only coaches authorised by St Ann’s Tennis may coach on the courts at St Ann’s Well Gardens. No unauthorised coaching is permitted.
Members may not book a court and use it for coaching. Coaches may not request that members, or visitors, book courts on their behalf, and members may not book a court on behalf of a coach.

4. Safety
All players use the courts at St Ann’s Tennis at their own risk.
Do not use the courts if they are wet and slippery.
Do not use the courts if you are feeling unwell.
Do not play if it is too hot.
Players must take all reasonable steps to protect themselves from the sun.

5. Dress, Behaviour and Court Care
Appropriate attire must be worn on the courts. Tops must be worn at all times.
Always wear soft-soled tennis shoes.
Noisy, anti-social behaviour and foul language will not be tolerated.
Fair, respectful and sporting behaviour is expected at all times. Any infringement of this rule will result in the player concerned asked to leave the court.
St Ann’s Tennis courts are for tennis only. Sharp toys, roller skates, in-line skates, or scooters are not allowed on court.
No littering. Players must take off the court whatever they bring on the court. No exceptions.
Never lean on, or attempt to jump the nets.
No smoking within the courts enclosure.
All players must abide by the LTA policies on Safeguarding and Diversity and Inclusion.
No animals on court.