Parks Cup

How To Enter The 2023 Parks Cup

All St Ann’s Tennis members are invited to take part in the annual Parks Cup tournament, the sister competition of the Parks League.

Managed by BHPLTA, the Parks Cup is a knock-out ‘Wimbledon’ style tournament with singles (men’s and women’s), men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles competitions. The Parks Cup is open to all members of Brighton & Hove parks clubs. The qualifying rounds, including semi-finals, are arranged privately between contestants, and can be played at any parks club at a venue and time of your convenience. Then all the finals are played on the same day –  at Queens Park Tennis Club, in mid July – and it’s one of the best tennis days of the year. We would love St Ann’s to be represented!


1. Men’s Singles
2. Women’s Singles
3. Men’s Doubles
4. Women’s Doubles
5. Mixed Doubles
6. Mixed Veteran’s Doubles (aged 45 and over on 30 April, 2022)

This is a tournament for all levels, not just the elite. Men defeated in Rounds 1 and 2 can enter the Men’s Singles Plate Competition – meaning everyone who enters has a chance to stay involved deep into the competition!

Key rules:
All entrants must be available to play on the assigned Finals Day [tbc]. Do not enter if you are not available.
All entrants must be registered with a Parks League club
Doubles pairs can be registered with different parks clubs
For safeguarding purposes, we need to know if entrants are under 18 (on 1 May 2023)

Parks Cup