St Ann's Tennis Club Championship

See here details of the draw for the 2023 St Ann’s Tennis Club Championship, sponsored by the FAB Awards.

Full draw

All matches will follow a ‘championship-style’ best-of-three-set format. Matches are played to schedule, and all fixture arrangements [court, date, time] are made between member participants. Contestants can play a third set 10 point championship tie breaker to decide the third set if all parties agree.

All matches must be played on time, according to the schedule below. Results should be posted on the St Ann’s Tennis Club Championship WhatsApp group. When you report scores, please make sure you include all relevant details: the competition, the participants, and the set scores, including tie break scores. For example:

“Mens Doubles: Jose Garcia & Bob Smith def Frank Brown & Luigi Pistorino 6-4, 6-7 (4-7), 6-1”

All finals are then played on Finals Day: Sat 09 September, 2023.

Tournament schedule:
Entry deadline: Sunday 18 June
Competition draw published Thursday 22 June
DEADLINE: R64 Sat 15 Jul [+14 days]
DEADLINE: R32 Sat 29 Jul [14 days]
DEADLINE: R16 Sat 12 Aug [14 days]
DEADLINE: R08 Sat 26 Aug [7 days]
DEADLINE: R04 Sat 02 Sep [7 days]
FINALS DAY: Sat 09 Sep