Box Leagues

Fun, inter-club competitive tennis leagues

Each league season (two months approximately) costs £5 to enter. Scores are entered by players using our online scoring system, which will allow players to enter their scores immediately after matches, with league tables updating in real time. This can be done online or via your mobile phone.

Each league will include 6-9 players (or pairs), depending on numbers. Each match should be mutually arranged between players, using our St Ann’s Tennis WhatsApp groups. The time allocated may vary from box league to box league. In the event of bad weather, the round may be extended.

Match Format
Box league matches will be played as best-of-three sets. The first 2 sets will be regular sets with a standard 7 point tie break played if the score reaches 6 games all.
If the score is one all after 2 sets have been played, players have an option to play a third set, OR a championship tie break (first to 10 points, 2 points clear) should both players agree.

5 points – straight sets win
4 points – 3 sets win (including wins by Championship Tie Breaker as a third set decider)
2 points – Lost in 3 sets
1 point – – Lost in straight sets

When you enter your scores, our online scoring system will automatically calculate the points, eg. 6-4, 4-6, 7-5 will automatically award four points to the winner, and two points for the loser.

Promotion / relegation
[This is under review. We are considering a straightforward two-up, two-down format.]
Players should play a minimum of two matches to be eligible for promotion, or to avoid relegation. If a player only plays one match, this may result in another player gaining a higher position over them. Playing no matches in a round may result in demotion to the next division below.

Occasionally adjustments to positions may be necessary due to players dropping out of the league, or new players entering. While players may be moved up a division due to these adjustments, every effort will be made to ensure that nobody is moved down. If a player is moved up in this way, it will normally be a player who has retained their place in the lower division who moves up, rather than one staying in the higher division when they have come in the bottom two.

Submitting results
Results are submitted online. Each player will receive a How To Guide to entering scores (not complicated), including a bespoke password. It is the responsibility of the winning player (or pair) to promptly enter the correct score online at the conclusion of each match.

New players
New players entering the box league may be added at the discretion of the tournament director. This may apply when players withdraw injured and/or new members join the club. Occasionally, depending on how many players are in each division, a new player may need to be placed in a higher division if it is necessary.

A player may claim a walkover if they are unable to arrange a match at any time during the round with another player, due to the opponent being unable to play. To be able to claim a walkover, the player must have offered at least 3 dates to play, and the opponent must have declined these dates, and not offered any alternative dates – if both players have suggested a date then no walkover can be claimed.