Maxi Club Session Fundraiser

St Ann’s Tennis will host a Maxi Club Session across all eight courts on Sunday 26 May, 2pm, (Bank Holiday weekend) in a special event in aid of WMUK.

This one off session will cost £10 for members, with all proceeds going to WMUK. Pease book here

WM is the only charity in the UK focused solely on Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia (WM), a rare type of blood cancer. Details click here.

We learnt out about the work of WM through our friend Richard Bramwell, below, who will be familiar to our St Ann’s Tennis members. Richard will be joining us for the session.

All members are asked to contribute £10 to take part in this one-off Maxi Club Session. We will use all eight courts for the session, so there will be plenty of room for everyone. If you are away that Sunday, but would still like to contribute, there is also a £10/£20 donor option.

Register or donate here

Richard is a skilled racquet stringer (as some of you will know), and has offered to restring members’ racquets for £10 each, plus the cost of strings [*]. He can also add a new overgrip £2. All proceeds to WMUK. This offer is open for a fortnight leading up to the event, so from May 12-26. Please contact Richard via WhatsApp, or You can also find Richard on instagram:

Find out more about WM UK here: About WM UK

[*] “£10 for strings and costs for sets of 6m. Each racquet requires 2 x 6m. 6m for mains and 6m for cross strings . Some might want a hybrid of a multifilament in mains or crosses and a polyester in the other. Hence splitting into 2 sets.” Best to contact Richard about sample prices.