Guest Fees at St Ann’s Tennis

All members are obliged to pay a guest fee if they invite a non-member to play at St Ann’s Tennis. The guest fee is £3 per hour per player.

Guest fees protect the interests of paying members, and St Ann’s Tennis takes this feature of membership very seriously. We expect all members to respect this rule, without exceptions. You can pay guest fees on the app, online, in advance. It is up to the member who is making the booking to pay a guest fee (or guest fees) when you book a court. Thanks for your help.


How do I pay?
You can pay guest fees when you book online, either using the Booker App on your mobile phone, or using a computer. Click on the Add tab on the app when you book a court. Details:

What if someone joins at the last moment?
It remains your responsibility to pay the guest fee. Tell Claire or Conrad immediately, and do not leave it to us to chase you up.

What happens to the money?
This modest income goes to maintaining our tennis facility. The money matters, but so does the principle of fairness for all members.

Doubles: does every non-member have to pay a guest fee?
Yes. You need to pay for every individual non-member, per hour. If a member invites three other players, that’s £3+£3+£3= £9 per hour, or £18 for anything above 1hr.

What about Local Tennis Leagues?
You need to pay a guest fee for all Local Tennis League fixtures played at St Ann’s. That’s £6 per two hour booking. It’s up to you how you split the payment. Our friends at Local Tennis Leagues have been good enough to post this information on their website.

What if I play with my son or daughter?
St Ann’s Tennis members can play for free with their children {17 and under). No guest fee required.

What if I don’t pay?
Expect a warning in the first instance. Repeat offenders have had their St Ann’s Tennis accounts suspended or terminated.

Any other questions, please contact Claire or Conrad.