Box Leagues: Our Winners

Fantastic effort with the Box Leagues everyone! This was our first attempt at a club-wide singles internal competition, and we were delighted with the response. The volume of entries (85+), and the number of games played, exceeded exceptions. And thank you for updating us on your progress, with photos and results.

See full results here

We had drop outs, injuries, lung busters, tie break deciders, marathon matches (one began in 2023 and ended in 2024), snow breaks and even a Baby Stopped Play crisis (congratulations Dan).

Well played all our St Ann’s Tennis Box League winners, listed below. Please step forward to collect your tube of premium Dunlop Fort tennis balls once we’re back in business. You earned them.

Division 2 was a real barnstormer, with Manu, Andy, Stuart and Joe all gunning for the top spot. Late arriving Alvaro may have made a difference had he been able to play more games. The division finished with Manu and Andy equal on points, and equal on set difference. But Manu just pips it by total sets won, 11 to Andy’s 10. Can’t get closer than that!

Special congratulations to all who got through their full fixture list – Joe, Dee, Kaan, Lucy, Tish, Lesley, Tracy and Laura – not easy to do through the wind and the rain. That takes some organisation and commitment.

We will be back with a new St Ann’s Tennis Box League in 2024 when the courts reopen. Any thoughts/recommendation/feedback, please get in touch with Conrad or Claire. A key feature of this community competition was the online delivery, with online DIY scoring and real time table updates. This was successfully delivered by our brilliant webmaster Russell Hill. Thanks Russell.

Finally, thanks to Club Secretary Claire Anderson for her help, enthusiasm and wisdom in delivering our very first St Ann’s Box Leagues.

Ladies Div 1: Lucy Brims
Ladies Div 2: Lesley Gardiner
League 1: Andrew Woolston
League 2: Manu Bevand
League 3a: Dan O’Shea
League 3b: James Hartt
League 4a: Dee O’Hare
League 4b: Kaan Mitchell
League 4c: Pete Ross