New Year Doubles

St Ann’s Tennis is starting the new year with a bang, with doubles tournaments scheduled for every Saturday in January 2024.

See booking links for all the tournaments here: Book here

Saturday 6 January, 1pm
Jumbo Men’s Doubles: we’re kicking off the new year with a Jumbo men’s doubles tournament across all eight courts for up to 16 pairs (32 players). This is an Open tournament, for team and non-team players. Non members also welcome.

Saturday 13 January, 1pm
Intermediate Mixed Doubles: this is aimed at Division 4 players and potential Division 4 players. This is not for current D2 players. [*]

Saturday 20 January, 1pm
Intermediate+ Mixed Doubles: This is aimed at current/potential D2 players for the 2024 season. This is not for D4 players. [*]

Saturday 27 January, 1pm
Women’s Doubles: this is a mixed American fun doubles tournament for all our women players. We hope all aspiring team players for 2024 will join in.

These are all Open tournaments, for team and non-team players. Non members also welcome. We encourage any St Ann’s Tennis members hoping to try out for our Parks League teams to give it a go.

[*] Intermediate/Intermediate+ pairs must not enter both tournaments. Pairs must pick one or the other, not both. Please contact Conrad if you’re not sure.

nb. Pairs are not registered until they have paid and registered online, and informed Conrad of their pairings.