Update: Box Leagues

Thank you for taking part in our new St Ann’s Tennis Box Leagues. Players can now see details of the Box League groups on the website. Click on ‘Autumn 2023’.

The competition is officially open today [Saturday], so please start planning your matches. The closing date is Sunday 17 December.

Tennis ranking is not a precise science, so boxes are not perfect, and are based on best available information. Note that Leagues 3 and League 4 are divided into equal parts. Thanks to Claire Anderson for her help and advice with this.

Registering your Box League scores

The winning player is expected to enter scores accurately and promptly at the conclusion of the match. To enter scores, please go to this link:

You can enter scores via desktop or mobile. If you prefer mobile, we recommend creating a shortcut on your home screen. (This is worthwhile because you’ll likely need it more than once. I use an iPhone, and a Chrome browser, which remembers the password for me. Useful).

Each individual league has its own password that will allow you to enter scores (see above).

When you enter scores, add in the ‘losing’ score first. So if you won the set 6-1, you just enter your opponent’s ‘1’, and the ‘6’ will deploy automatically. You won 4&4? Just enter ‘4’ and ‘4’ for your opponent. It’ll come up 6-4, 6-4. If you lost a set on a tie break, enter ‘6’, and the system will recognise 7-6 and will ask you for the tie break score. Same process: just enter the ‘losing’ score, eg. ‘3’ and the system will automate to 7/3. (The system requires you to enter tie break scores, but this is not super-critical, so if you cannot remember the exact score, just enter ‘5’!)

If you make an error, use the ‘reset’ button. 

We have added third set tie break options – where you can play one championship tie breaker decider (to 10pts) instead of a full last set decider. This is to help you complete matches within 2hrs, which is desirable where at all possible.

For more details about competition rules and scoring, see here:

Have a great competition!


Tennis Holiday in Turkey: Spring 2024

St Ann’s Tennis is teaming up with tennis holiday specialists Polat Sports to offer a five-night stay at the ‘tennis paradise’ of Ali Bey Club Manavgat Resort from Tuesday 26 March to Sunday 31 March, 2024. Join us in Turkey! Details here: