Parks League 2023

St Ann’s Tennis will be entering three teams in the 2023 Parks League. Each team has eight players: four men and four women, competing in men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles and two mixed doubles. The Parks League starts Tuesday 11 April, and runs every week until mid-August.

Our top two teams, promoted last season, will play in Division 3 (as St Ann’s and St Ann’s A), and our new, additional team will compete in Division 4, as St Ann’s B. The season consists of 18 fixtures (9 home, 9 away) for each team. All Team St Ann’s fixtures will run at 6-8pm (or later!) on Tuesday evenings. Please do not register if you are not available for those times.

Team subs: £25.00 for the season, paid in advance. This includes Parks League registration fees, fresh tennis balls for every match, and team sessions.

We will aim to build a full squad of 40+ players. All players must be registered in advance, not later than the Sunday before a match. No exceptions.

Team sessions: we are planning two separate team sessions on Saturday 25 March from 1pm. Details to be confirmed.

If you are interested in playing, including all 2022 squad members, please register via the link below:

Team St Ann’s: Register here

nb. We are just taking names for the moment. Formal registration will be completed ahead of the opening fixture in April.

Selection criteria will depend on performance, reliability, and availability. No-one is expected to be available for every game.

Important: Please only register if you are NOT playing for a private club at any point in Spring/Summer 2023. No maybes, thank you. Any player who appears in county league fixtures for a tennis club outside the existing registered parks clubs of Brighton & Hove is ineligible to play Parks League. [*]

All registered Team St Ann’s players will be eligible to play Parks Cup. Managed by the Parks League, the Parks Cup is a knock-out ‘Wimbledon’ style tournament with singles (men’s and women’s), men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles competitions. The finals will be played all on one day at Queens Parks Tennis Club on Saturday 22 July. [Full details to be published next month].

Questions: please contact Conrad or Claire direct.

[*] BHPLTA rules: “In the event of a player participating in a PL match after playing for another club in any Summer Sussex County League or National League match, the club shall forfeit any points gained by them after the date on which they played for the club and shall be awarded to the opposing team”.