Competitive Doubles Coaching

Join our new Competitive Doubles Coaching programme starting in January 2023, every Sunday at 1pm with coach Ben Pugh. Book here

Ben Pugh, LTA Level 3 tennis coach

This is for intermediate players who want to refine their doubles play, focusing on technique, positioning and strategy. Team members (and prospective team members) are encouraged to give it a go. Men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles…we’ll cover everything, with an eye on 2023 Parks League and forthcoming competitions at St Ann’s Tennis. Start preparing now for the 2023 season!

Course starts Sunday 8 January. Book here

“Often on the tour the general levels are pretty even. But when you add up all the little things, they can make quite a big difference. If one player is just a little bit better at something – just one thing – then you can win easily 1&1”Joe Salisbury, GB World #1 Ranked Doubles player

Desirae Krawczyk & Joe Salisbury, 2022 US Open & French Open mixed doubles champions