Booking Rules: Updated

Please read: St Ann’s Tennis has made some changes and adjustments regarding members’ weekly court allocation, booking rules, cancellations and guest fees

St Ann’s Tennis is reducing the weekly court time allocation for members – from eight hours to six hours. Individual members can make three bookings a week of one hour, or three bookings a week of two hours.

Based on court use data at St Ann’s Tennis, we know the change will affect relatively few members while significantly enhancing court access for the general public. The vast majority of St Ann’s Tennis members – more than 95% – only use the courts for six hours or less per week.

By making this adjustment to members’ court time allocation, we can release hundreds of extra hours for members and visitors over the summer. Hove Park Tennis Club introduced the same allocation change last year.

Court Bookings
Club members must be present at all their own bookings. Under no circumstances can a club member book a court for someone else, either a member or a guest, without themselves being present.

Court Cancellations
Members must cancel their courts if they are not being used, even at short notice. There were several no-shows last weekend at peak times. Most members use the Booker app to book courts and it’s very easy to cancel a booking – all you have to do is hit “Cancel Booking” in the app. If you then post the details in your relevant WhatsApp group, you can then ensure others get a chance to use the court (eg. ‘Cancellation: court 4 now free 3-5pm Tuesday’).

Guest Fees: Reminder
Please note that St Ann’s Tennis members cannot invite non-members to play at the club for free. The guest fee is £3 per hour, per guest. This includes all singles league matches where a St Ann’s Tennis member is playing a non-member.

A guest fee does not apply for any court time booked by St Ann’s Tennis for coaching, club sessions or Parks League fixtures, nor for any member’s booking with a guest junior (under 18) player.

When you book a court online, you are encouraged to use the Add button on the booking app to register your playing partner in advance. All bookings between members are, of course, free.

You can pay a guest fee online using the St Ann’s Tennis court booking system, or the ClubSpark booking app (see the Add button on the app) or via a bank transfer.