Ukraine Fundraiser: Jumbo Club Session

Dear St Ann’s Tennis Members – Thank you for helping us raise £1,421 in one afternoon.

Our jumbo club session was packed out, and dozens of St Ann’s Members who could not attend still donated generously.

All proceeds have gone to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (Disasters Emergency Committee).

The cause:

“We are raising funds for the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), which coordinates aid across fifteen major charities, including the Red Cross and Save the Children. The UK government will match any amount given, up to £20million.

“The DEC can ensure that the money given goes directly to providing food, blankets, hygiene supplies and shelter for all refugees and displaced people, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.”

Message from Kyiv: Oleksii But, a tennis coach in Kyiv, Monday 14 March:

“Ukraine is a homeland of many good players, from top world players to the top junior players and a good, professionals and enthusiastic coaches with good experience and programs for everyone: from recreational tennis for adults and kids to a top tennis players.
Situation is terrible. All country who can’t fight moving to the west of Ukraine, women and kids moving abroad to find better life there. Kiev – every 2rd citizen left officially already and today the first day their artillery reached the city, Kharkiv – huge damages every day, Odessa – people are leaving. Same situation in small cities or even worse for East Ukraine .
So for kids, their families and coaches there won’t be any trainings and work maybe for a long time.
Great news that U. K. government has a program now, read it already.
I’ll share you message to our Ukrainian group chat if you don’t mind. We would be appreciate for any small help you can provide.
I would be interesting to work as a coach, so If there is any opportunity to work – let me know. Was working as a coach in Croatia, Germany, Cyprus, had a tennis school in Kiev with my outdoor courts in Kiev. So if any of this skill is useful for your clubs would be great if you won’t be pleased I will learn or leave a job that’s no problem.
But I can’t cross the border, only children and female’s can. I don’t have any war experience, so army won’t take me for a long time, I still in safe close to the border all I can get of my friends and parents are already abroad.
All of us are willing to go home, its not easy to leave in a foreign country for sure. We are sure that Ukraine will win but what damages we will have and in what terms nobody knows. Some people will never come back here for sure.”
– Head Tennis Coach at Kiev Tennis Academy