Competitive Doubles: Updated

Scott Tawse is once again hosting his popular competitive doubles course at St Ann’s Tennis, 1-2pm every Sunday.

This course is for intermediate players interested in improving their doubles skills. It will be doubles training only!

Scott says: “The course is by invite only. You can apply by speaking to me, or Conrad/Jimmy if you are not sure if you are the right level. We’ll have a maximum of 12 players per group.

It will be led by coach Scott, with assistant Sol. You don’t need to sign up for the whole course – you can simply chose which dates you want in advance. See here

With lots of doubles tournaments – mens doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles – coming up at St Ann’s Tennis in 2022, Scott’s Sunday group is a great way to get into shape. See our latest doubles schedule here.

And remember, no apologising.

Ladies doubles at St Ann’s Tennis