Doubles Action In 2022: Updated

St Ann’s Tennis will host a mini festival of doubles this February with Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles tournaments.

All three tournaments will start 2pm on Saturdays. Book in now via the links below. Entry £10 per player. No membership required.

“Players will need to pair up for these tournaments, which are all about developing competitive doubles skills in a fun format. These are not American tournaments – pairs remain the same throughout,” says tournament host Conrad Brunner.

The doubles tournaments will follow a ’round-robin’ format, in which each pair plays every other pair. Each pair will stay together throughout the duration of the tournament. All matches will be full seven game sets, so 7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 4-3. Each pair will earn one point for every game won. The winning pair will be the team with the most points at the end of the tournament. In the event of a tie, the head-to-head record will decide the winner.

Seven game sets will be played according to club session rules, with sudden death on the second deuce. Spin to choose either end or serving. Switch ends after four games. You know the drill.

Saturday 12 February 2022 Women’s Doubles: ORDER OF PLAY

SPECIAL PRIZE FOR WOMEN’S DOUBLES CHAMPS: Four lucky players – the two winners, and the two runners-up – will receive a free tennis masterclass in the art of competitive doubles play from Petra Sedova. They will get an hour with top singles and doubles player Petra, at St Ann’s Tennis, pencilled in for Saturday 4 March 2022 (date TBC). Petra Sedova profile

Petra Sedova

Saturday 19 February 2022 Men’s Doubles

[Now full, with a waiting list available]

[Saturday 26 February SPARE DATE]

Saturday 5 March 2022 Mixed Doubles

[Now full, with a waiting list available]

NEW: Saturday 26 March 2022 Mixed Doubles

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Women’s Doubles at St Ann’s