Christmas Tournament: Sat 11 Dec

St Ann’s Tennis members are invited to join us for Mixed Doubles at St Ann’s Tennis this Christmas.

We’ll be running the tournament across all eight courts 1pm-4pm on Saturday 11 December. It’s all mixed, so all entrants will need to pair up for Super Saturday. The standard is ‘intermediate’. £10 per pair.

Online registration is now closed. If you are interested in playing, please contact Conrad on WhatsApp or in person.

We will keep a waiting list – there are bound to be drop outs.

You’ll play with your partner throughout, playing five game sets. See Order Of Play/schedule [Scroll down: this may be adjusted]. Your ‘team’ will earn a point for every game won, with the winning pair being the team which wins the most games in total. Depending on the light, we will aim to play 7 or 8 rounds.

St Ann’s Tennis will provide fresh balls, proper trophies and flapjacks. Christmas jumpers and silly hats are encouraged.

Tournament notes (please read):
An afternoon tournament is quite a commitment. Please do not register if you cannot start on time, or play the full duration of the tournament. Please contact the tournament organiser in advance if you cannot make it.

Please be there on time. We will gather for a quick chat (and photo!) and a 5 Minute warm-up (not longer; ATP rules) with the match balls then it’s straight into the action.

Bring drinks and snacks, and appropriate clothing. It’s a long afternoon. Please make sure all four balls are left on court at the end of each set.

Mixed doubles at St Ann’s

Tournament Rules:

You will play 5 games sets, so everyone will serve and one player will serve twice.
Spin before, the winner choosing either to serve, or end. If you chose to serve, your opponents may chose their end. You will not change ends over the duration of the 5 game set.
Nb. This is NOT an American tournament. You need to find a partner with whom to enter, and you remain together, as a pair, throughout.

Each pair must write down their scores (0/1/2/3/4/5) on the scorecards supplied after every set.

The tournament winners will be the pair with the most game victories.

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Christmas Tournament Draws [Rounds 1-10]:

Link to pdf

The draws are subject to adjustment.