Super8 Singles

Join us for Super8 singles at St Ann’s Tennis in January 2022.

Super8s is a singles competition for eight players played over one afternoon.

The competition will use a compass tournament format: quarter-final, semi-final, final. Quarter-Final losers play other quarter-final losers, semi-Final losers play other semis-final losers, etc. So every player is guaranteed 3 sets/matches. (see diagram below)

Standard: intermediate and advanced intermediate. £8, advance registration required. We are inviting 16 players to take part, which we’ll then split into two groups of eight (see dates below).

Book here

Every set/match will use the Fast 4 format, so first player to four games (4-0, 4-1, 4-2). We’ll play second deuce sudden death. In the event of a 3-3 tie, the match is decided by a 7 point tie breaker (eg 4-3 [7-5]).

We’ll be hosting Super8 singles every Saturday in January (from Jan 8).

We will register 16 players max, with the tournament director dividing players in two groups of eight: Group A & Group B. See dates below. Player allocations will be published as soon as the registration is full. Players can swap dates in certain circumstances.

There is the option for the top 4 from Group A and Group B to play a final Super 8 at the end of the month.

Group A: Super 8s Book here
Saturday 1.30pm, January 8 2022

Group B: Super 8s
Saturday 1.30pm, January 15 2022

Womens: Super 8s book here
Saturday, 1.30pm, January 22 2022

Top 8 Super 8s Final [OPTIONAL]
Saturday 1.30pm, January 29 2022
This date may also be used to cover any rain delays

Competition notes

Please be there on time. You’ll need to book a court in advance if you want a full warm up. We will gather for a quick chat (and maybe photo) before the tournament starts. Then it’s straight into the action.

Alternates: if you’d like to play, but the tournament is full, contact the tournament organiser to add your name to the waiting list. There will usually be a late drop-out/injury.

Bring drinks and snacks, and appropriate clothing. It’s a long day.

St Ann’s Tennis will supply fresh match balls and trophies. Please make sure all four balls are left on court at the end of each set.