Be Careful Out There

As winter approaches, St Ann’s Tennis is looking forward to continuing its tennis activities over the winter months. For us and our members, tennis is very much a game for all seasons. We do, however, urge our members and visitors to take care when using our tennis courts at all times.

All members and visitors use the courts at their own risk.

Please do not use the courts when they are wet or slippery.
Do not play on court if it is covered in leaves and debris from the trees.
Please always use the best available tennis shoes where possible.
Please do not play if it is too dark.
Please do not use the courts if you are unwell or injured.

“If you have the court booked, but the conditions are sub-optimal, then that’s a good time to practice your serve or maybe volleys, rather than attempting a full on match, that involves moving around a lot ” says Conrad Brunner.

“The trees will shed tons of leaves over October, November and December. It’s very helpful if you can use the brooms on site to sweep the leaves to the sides (towards the fence, not the gap between the courts). We will then take every effort to bag up and remove the leaves and debris.”