Competitive Doubles Coaching: FULL

Scott Tawse is hosting a seven week competitive doubles course at St Ann’s Tennis, 1-2pm every Sunday from October 31st.

This competitive doubles course is for intermediate players interested in improving their doubles skills. £70 for 7wk course. First class: Sunday 31 October. Advance booking required: click here

Scott says: “Knowing what shot to hit, and when to move, and where to move…these are the skills that can revolutionise your game. It’s quite different from what most players think. The skills you’ll learn in this course will make you a better doubles player for the rest of your life.”

SPECIAL TOURNAMENT: St Ann’s Tennis will host a doubles tournament exclusively for this group. Format TBD. Date: Sat 18 Dec, 1pm. £10 entry.

“Scott is a very successful doubles player, with several Parks League and Parks Cup winners medals. Nobody understands the ins and outs of competitive parks tennis better than him,“ says Conrad Brunner.

“I learnt a lot from Scott’s Doubles Seminar in May, an excellent introduction to the skills and mentality required for competitive doubles. I strongly recommend this course.” For details of Men’s and Women’s Doubles Tournaments this November, click here.