November American Doubles

Join us for American Doubles tournaments at St Ann’s Tennis this November. These are fun, competitive social tournaments for intermediate players (or aspiring intermediate players).

We’re starting with a Men’s Doubles American Tournament on Saturday 13 November 2021, 2pm, courts 1-4
Standard: intermediate, and advanced intermediate. Pairs are assigned randomly and then switched after every set. 16 players, duration: 3hrs. £10 entry. Advance registration required. This tournament is open to members and visitors. See booking link here

Then we have a dedicated Women’s Doubles American Tournament Saturday 20 November 2021, 2pm. Standard: intermediate. Pairs assigned randomly and then switched after every set. 16 players. Duration: 3hrs.
£10 entry. Advance registration required. Open to members and visitors. See booking link here

“These tournaments are aimed at intermediate players (and better). But there are a number of ‘improvers’ – male and female – who would enjoy playing in a structured tournament played in a friendly, low pressure atmosphere. You’ll get to play alongside some good players, and you’ll learn a lot about doubles. It’s a great way to have fun and test your tennis skills,” says Tournament Director Conrad Brunner.

What’s ‘American’ Doubles? You enter individually – so not with a partner – and we assign you a partner to start with. You then switch partner after every set (7 games). Players win a point for every game won (so if you win 5-2, you, and your partner, each receive 5 points; your opponents score two points each). We add up all the points at the end to decide the winner.

Tournament notes:

An afternoon tournament is quite a commitment. Please do not register if you cannot start on time, or play the full three hours. Please contact the tournament organiser in advance if you cannot make it.

Alternates: if you’d like to play, but the tournament is full, contact the tournament organiser to add your name to the waiting list. There will usually be a late drop-out/injury.

Bring drinks and snacks, and appropriate clothing. It’s a long day!

If the event the tournament is rained off, we will aim to play it on the next available Saturday afternoon. Anyone who cannot make it will receive a full refund.

American Tournaments: you will receive a score card to keep track of ‘games won’. Please keep an accurate record and hand it to the tournament director at the end.