Mixed American: Sat 9 Oct

St Ann’s Tennis is holding a mixed American tournament on Saturday 9 October [new date]. Entry is £10.

This event is now full: Online registration is closed. We are accepting places for alternates (men/women) depending on availability. Please contact Conrad via the St Ann’s Tennis – General WhatsApp site.

We will gather for a quick chat (& photo!) at 2pm sharp. There will be 15mins warm-up maximum.

PLEASE READ: American Mix Doubles Tournament notes

St Ann’s Tennis will supply a tournament director and fresh tennis balls.

Sets: we will play seven game sets. We’ll score games as normal (so deuce, advantage, game), but if the score returns to deuce, that point will be sudden death.

Rotation: To start with, players will be assigned a court (1-4) and a partner randomly by the tournament director. The pair who lose the tie will remain on their court, but split sides so they won’t be playing together. For the pair who win, the winning female player moves UP (so from court 1, to court 2). The winning male player moves DOWN (so, say, from court 3 to court 2). The tournament director may rejig pairings to ensure a proper mix of partners.

Serving: Women serve first in every set.

Bring drinks and snacks: you’ll be playing a lot of tennis!

Sunglasses and visors: many people find these useful in the autumn sunshine.

Bring a pen/pencil: Each individual player wins a point for every game they win as a pair. So your pair wins 5-2, you win five points, and your partner wins five points. Your opponents each win two points. Players will be given a score card, so please take care to fill out your point scores accurately and then hand to scores the tournament director at the end.

This is a mixed doubles tournament, for eight men and eight women, where you switch partners after every set (7 games). Players win a point for every game won (so if you win 5-2, you, and your partner, each receive 5 points; the opponents score two points each). We add up all the points at the end to decide the winner. The tournament will take place on courts 1, 2, 3 & 4 at St Ann’s Tennis.

“After a couple of cancelled mixed tournaments – rain, events etc – this one is definitely going ahead,” says Tournament Director Conrad Brunner. “We’ll provide fresh balls and trophies of Best Male and Best Female player.”

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