Court Booking Rules: Updated

St Ann’s Tennis has updated their tennis court booking policies for members.

While the vast majority of court bookings by members pass off without any problems at all, there have been occasional issues with ‘no shows’, and members booking courts for non-members.

St Ann’s Tennis takes the issue of ‘no shows’ very seriously, and will contact members directly who repeatedly fail to show up for their own bookings. St Ann’s Tennis may withdraw the membership of any member who contravenes the rules of St Ann’s Tennis.

The issue of cancellation comes up a lot. It is easy to cancel a booking online or on the Booker app: simply hit the ‘cancel’ button on your booking confirmation. Please use it if you cannot make a booking, even at short notice. Best of all, add a short message to friends and fellow members on WhatsApp: “Cancelled booking: Court 5 free 2-4pm tomorrow [Wednesday]”, or whatever.

Updated Court Booking rules. See full Rules here.

  • A member may not book a court on behalf of a second or third party, including family and friends. Court bookings are not transferable. A member’s booking must be for their own use for the duration of the court booking.
  • There is a maximum of four players per court per hour. No spectators on court. 
  • Members and visitors must use the specific court they have booked. 
  • Members and visitors are encouraged not to open the gates for players who have not booked a court.
  • Members must either make use of their court reservations or cancel their bookings promptly. If a booking is for two hours, but only one hour is used, please cancel the second hour.
  • In the event of ‘no shows’, members will receive an email from St Ann’s Tennis in the first instance requesting an explanation. Repeat offenders risk losing their membership.
  • Members may not organise multiple court events without prior approval of St Ann’s Tennis. All organised tennis activity is at the discretion of St Ann’s Tennis.

If you have any feedback or thoughts on these rules, please contact us at We’d be happy to listen to any ideas which you think might improve the tennis experience for all the players at St Ann’s Tennis.

Any questions, ask Claire!