Tie Break Singles NEW

Take part in the new Tie Break Ten Singles series at St Ann’s Tennis.

This is a fun, social event for players who want to play singles tennis. The minimum standard is intermediate. No games, no sets: just first-to-10 point ‘championship’ tie breakers. Play one tie breaker, win/lose, move on to the next tie breaker. We’ll play as many as we can in 2hrs (6-7 approximately).

All matches will be played on courts 1, 2, 3 & 4 only at St Ann’s Tennis. Scoring: players submit their scores to the tournament organiser.

Pick a date! Players are invited to register for one (but not both) of these two events. Max 12 for each group (24 total). This event is free to members of St Ann’s Tennis.

Round 1: Wednesday 26 May 5-7pm. *** COMPLETED ***

Round 1: Wednesday 9 June 5-7pm. *** COMPLETED ***

Round 1 EXTRA Wednesday: 16 June 6-8pm *** COMPLETED ***

Round 2 will draw 12 players from Round 1 (all three events) to form the ‘top’ group (Group A), and the ‘bottom’ group (Group B), based on performance. All decisions around rankings and seedings will be at the discretion of St Ann’s Tennis. Remember – it’s just for fun.


Round 2: Group B: Wednesday 23 June 6-8pm

Round 2: Group A: Wednesday 30 June 6-8pm

Round 2: Group A: Wednesday 7 July 6-8pm

See draw here

Thanks to St Ann’s Tennis member Anthony Trory for his help with this fun competition.