Tie Break Singles FULL

Join us for round-robin singles at St Ann’s Tennis on Wednesday 12 May 5-7pm.

This is a fun, social event for intermediates players who want to play singles. No games, no sets – just 10 point ‘championship’ tie-breakers. Play one tie-breaker, win/lose, move on to the next tie breaker. We’ll play as many as we can in 2hrs .

There is a maximum capacity of 12 players. Click here now to book your place. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL

All matches will take place on courts 1, 2, 3 & 4. Thanks to volunteer organiser Anthony Trory. Players keep their own score, and Anthony produces an online results tables which he’s happy to share.

Tie-Break Rules

Spin to serve. The first server serves one point on the deuce side. Their opponent then serves the next two points, starting on the ad side and then the deuce side, and after that the serve rotates (ad side, then deuce side) every two points.

Players change ends after every six points, even if a player is between his or her two service points.

The first player to reach ten points wins the tie-break, unless the score reaches 9-9, in which case the winner needs to win by two clear points, so 11-9, 12-10, 13-11 etc. There is no limit to how high the score can go in a tie-break.