Guest Fees at St Ann’s Tennis

St Ann’s Tennis will soon be introducing a £3 guest fee.

A guest fee applies whenever a visitor (non-member) plays on a court booked by a member. The £3 guest fee is per court hour, per player.

All bookings between St Ann’s Tennis members remain free of charge.

The guest fee will be introduced by St Ann’s Tennis as soon as the new updated ClubSpark app is available. This could be any day now. The LTA tell us: “We are awaiting for an update on the ClubSpark app which will allow a simple and effective payment system. We have been informed that this has been built and tested, but the update is awaiting clearance from the App Store.”

Court fees apply whenever a non-member plays at St Ann’s on an individual booking make by a St Ann’s member. A guest fee does not apply for any court time booked by St Ann’s Tennis for coaching, club sessions or Parks League fixtures.

Why guest fees?

These are standard practice within tennis clubs nationwide and within Brighton & Hove Parks clubs. Two of the larger private clubs in the city do not allow guests at all. Several other clubs allow visitors subject to a guest fee. Guest fees are a minor charge and tricky to apply, but they are important, because they protect the interests of paying members. It is not fair for one member to invite three non-members for tennis doubles without any extra contribution. When that situation is repeated – as it often is – the amount of court time available to paying members is significantly reduced. Unfortunately, experience tells us that the system – without court fees – is open to abuse. Thank you for your co-operation.